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Account Advising

Blacknotch offers account audits, after which we will provide an extensive report giving you an overview of everything that has happened in your account, and what strategies we advise you implement moving forward. This minimally invasive assessment will provide you with clear insight into the state of your account. 

Account Management

For those who want full control over their own inventory management, but could use some help creating efficient advertising campaigns, our advertising management service is perfect. We’ll craft Sponsored and Headline Ads that put your products in front of the right target audience and help customers make the decision to purchase your brand over its competitors. To stand out among millions of other listings and ads requires extensive market research and creativity. Let us help you out.

Account Set Up

New to Amazon? Blacknotch will walk you through the initial stages of account management. We will show you how to optimize your listings, manage inventory, create advertisements (and understand the data reports about them!), and start selling big.

Full-Service Account Management

For those that want to sell on Amazon, but would prefer to have their account managed by a professional. We know that you’re busy running a business, so we’re here to supplement your employee staff. We’ll take care of the day-to-day as well as the long-term strategizing, so you don’t have to.

Enhanced Brand Content Creation

EBC is a powerful addition to a listing. Known to increase conversions by up to 18%, a listing without EBC is a listing leaving money on the table. Sellers that have registered their brand with Amazon are eligible for Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Blacknotch’s team will perform the necessary market and keyword research to ensure that your EBC is optimized. Our design team will ensure stunning visual content delivery. Our EBC Creation Service includes:

  1. 1. Brand Story and Product Research
    •       - Identification of your specific EBC needs, including
    •       - Preparation of material relevant to your product category and brand
    •       - Research on competitor listing
  2. 2. Content Creation
    •       - Keyword research
    •       - Descriptions
    •       - Image editing and design
  3. 3. Assembly and launch

Blacknotch Consulting is a leading Amazon consulting firm with extensive knowledge about online branding and ecommerce management.

Why Choose Us

Amazon is all we do, and we’re good at it. Our team is a collection of experienced sellers, marketers and advertisers. We are creative, and we work hard. We know that every business is different, and that’s how we treat our clients. Individualized plans that bring in real results – that’s what we’re about.

Individualized Strategies: At Blacknotch, we know that all business are different, all markets are different, and all products are different. Our team will make an original plan based on your needs.

Tried and Proven Methods: Our team consolidates data from thousands of products in your category to create optimized listings. We will drive traffic to your products by matching the text in your listings with the most searched terms on Amazon. Eye catching product photos and branding will turn your products from just another item into a purchase.

Smart Investment: If your account doesn’t make sales, then you don’t pay us. Blacknotch’s pricing system means that we only make money if you make money. We believe in our ability to optimize sales, so much so that we charge based on a graduated pricing system based on your revenue, not a fixed monthly fee.

Good People: We take pride in the relationships we form with our clients. Helping businesses grow is what makes us happy. When you partner with Blacknotch, you gain a team of talented, hard-working consultants, coders, marketers, and advertisers who are all here to help your business succeed.

The question isn't will your sales grow.

It's how much will they grow.